Zaķusala Residential Quarter I
Urban planning
We are skilled urban planners who take a holistic approach to their work. At the heart of our work is a curiosity about how cities function and evolve. With each project, our goal is to enhance urban life for all residents by prioritizing safe streets, attractive public spaces, and accessible waterfronts.
As active members of the community, RUUME arhitekti play an important role in shaping the future of Riga. We recognize the city's potential to be a vibrant, sustainable, and sophisticated place to live, and are passionate about making that vision a reality.
Urban development on Zaķusala island
Masterplan for new district in Tampere
Public space
Public space lies at the heart of our urban vision. Our approach involves emphasizing clear functional and spatial design principles. Our goal is to design public spaces that are inclusive, pedestrian friendly, green and sustainable, while also possessing a unique character and mission to serve all members of the community.
Urban design elements for the Academic Centre of the University of Latvia
Riga Street Typology, Neighbourhood center
At RUUME arhitekti, we aim to redefine urban living in Riga by setting new standards. We prioritize creating cozy and inviting homes with a focus on vibrant ground level. Our approach to living space aims to foster a strong sense of community.
Adaptable Modular Timber Housing for municipalitiest
Mārupes Dārzs creates urban qualities in suburban green area
We strongly believe that effective teamwork is essential to the success of any project. We hold ourselves to high standards when it comes to creating ideas and developing projects. We approach each project with meticulous attention to detail, conducting thorough research and analysis to develop comprehensive master plans and buildings that balance functionality, aesthetics, and sustainability.
Our of office on ground level
Viesturdārzs Quarter (Merks Viesturdārzs) Stage I
Riga Architecture Award 2021, honorable mention
Latvian Architecture Award 2020
Latvian Building Award 2020, 3rd prize
Viesturdārzs Quarter (Merks Viesturdārzs) Stage II
Latvian Building Award 2022, 3rd prize
Partners and brief history
Founded in 2016, RUUME arhitekti aims to enhance spatial planning and architectural quality through a responsible approach and an inclusive process. Through years we have become one of the most notable architectural and urban planning practices in Baltic states and we’re honored with notable awards for our work. Currently partners of RUUME arhitekti are Oskars Vāvere, Liene Adumāne-Vāvere, Sandra Sinka, Līva Nordmane and all are members of Latvian Association of Architects.
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